Reading List & Resources



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Come Back Africa. 1959. By Lional Rogasin

Tsotsi. 2005. By Gavin Hood

Jerusalema. 2008. By Ralph Ziman (2008)

District 9. 2009. By Neil Blomkamp

Jozi. 2010. By Craig Freimond (2010)

Dear Mandela. 2011. By Christopher Nizza, Dara Kell

Jeppe on a Friday. 2013. By Shannon Walsh, Arya Lalloo

Into the Shadows. 2014. By L. Hadsbjerg


Short films:


Waterborne, PPCI:

Skrillex Music Video:

Die Antwoord Music Video:


Other films:


La Haine. 1995. Mathieu Kassovitz

Dark Days. 2000. Marc Singer

City of God. 2002. Fernando Meirelles

Caracas The Informal City. 2005. Rob Schröder

Lagos Wide & Close. 2005. Bregtje van der Haak

Urbanized. 2011. Gary Hustwit